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Word Swipe” is somehow very similar to “Word Puzzle”. It lacks the level of complexity and variety as Word Puzzle, but it has strong similarities in some respects. So, if you love word puzzles and love both Word Puzzle and Word Search, you'll love this one too! The rules of this game are quite easy to understand. You have to swipe the letters from the left side of the grid until they form the correct word. That's it! The more difficult part comes when you have to make sure that every correct letter you type falls into place on the grid. There will be times when you miss a letter with consequences such as an incorrect word or even part of the grid; Not good! In contrast to the Word Quiz that uses letters, this Quiz uses letters in its own way. It uses numbers instead of letters of the alphabet, thus making this game different from other word games. In this version, we have added some great features to make your gaming experience more, wish you have moments of relaxation.


How to play Word Swipe

Using Mouse


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