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About Mini Flips Plus

Mini Flips is an arcade game in which you must gather all of the coins in each level by leaping, flipping sides, and avoiding opponents and obstacles. Get ready for almost 160 difficult levels!

Explore a pixelated world with endless flames, magical gates, and jelly opponents! You can do everything in the world by leaping! You may traverse the whole kingdom by timing your leaps and avoiding lethal dangers! This planet contains around one hundred sixty levels and two game types. You may instantly begin the level mode or watch a brief advertisement to unlock the speed mode. Prior to attempting your hand at speed runs, practicing with levels is a smart place to start. The world teaches you the fundamentals of movement. You must timing your character's leap as the character traverses the platform back and forth. Then, you discover how to use portals and manipulate gravity. The mechanics of your character are altered via portals, allowing you to stand and walk upside down. Employ them wisely to escape traps and get all the gold coins!

Cute personalities
A retro arcade theme
Simple controls
Two forms of addicting gameplay

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