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VEX 6 is the most recent expansion in the series of this stickman-parkour-platformer! Hop and slide your stickman through 9 new Demonstrations + 9 new Hard Demonstrations. Each Act closes with it's last stage to finish: 'Vexation.' Try to gather the coins en route to open 64 unique skins for your stickman.

A platform game with over 20 levels and a level editor that allows players to create, share, and play levels. Players can use sticks or their hands to help vex jump over obstacles.

There's a new game in town and you're going to love it! Join the stickmen on their latest adventure: Parkpout! Your mission: collect all colored balls and get home before the time runs out. Be careful not to let your stickman fall into the abyss of doom, or you'll have to start over.

In vex 6, the goal is to control the flow of water through a maze of increasingly complex pipes using a series of gravity-defying puzzles. With incredibly responsive physics and a unique color-coded pipe system, this simple yet deep puzzle game is sure to challenge both novice and expert players.

The ultimate pickup-and-play game, The Games Workshop's vex is a fast paced, chaotic action puzzle game. Stickman Parkour allows you to take control of the world's most agile creature in an infinite parkour playground!

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How To Play Vex 6

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