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SnakeChowder is an innovative twist on the classic game of Snake, infused with elements of strategy and culinary creativity. Developed by a team of indie game developers with a passion for both gaming and gastronomy, SnakeChowder takes players on a culinary adventure where they must navigate their way through a maze-like kitchen, all while collecting ingredients to concoct the perfect bowl of chowder.

The objective of SnakeChowder remains true to its roots: players control a snake-like character, maneuvering it around the game board to consume food items. However, instead of just gobbling up generic pellets, the snake in SnakeChowder feasts on a variety of ingredients essential for making a delectable chowder. From succulent seafood like shrimp and clams to hearty vegetables such as potatoes and corn, each ingredient contributes to the flavor and texture of the final dish.


  1. Controlling the Snake: Players control a snake-like character, typically represented as a line or series of blocks, using either keyboard controls or touchscreen gestures, depending on the platform. The snake moves continuously in the direction it is facing, and players must navigate it through the kitchen maze to collect ingredients.

  2. Collecting Ingredients: The primary objective is to collect ingredients scattered throughout the kitchen. These ingredients can include seafood like shrimp, clams, and fish, as well as vegetables like potatoes, carrots, and corn. Each ingredient has its point value and contributes to the final chowder recipe.

  3. Avoiding Hazards: The kitchen is fraught with hazards that can impede the snake's progress or lead to its demise. Hazards may include hot stoves that instantly cook the snake, sharp knives that chop it into pieces, slippery spills that cause it to lose control, and more. Players must strategize to avoid these obstacles while navigating the maze.

How to play SnakeChowder

Using Mouse and Keyboard

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