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About Crazy Tycoon

The business simulation game Crazy Tycoon is also known as an economic simulation game. The game focuses on business management. The gameplay of Tycoon is dominated by numbers. However, they have attractive visuals. The authenticity of the modeling of real-world events is a key component of these games.

Who could forget classics such as Railroad Tycoon, Sim City, and Rollercoaster Tycoon, which have dominated the tycoon genre for years? This sort of game enables you to construct a firm or monopoly and control every part of your empire, from the personnel to the utility costs. Due to the vast variety of sectors and enterprises, the options for Tycoon games are almost limitless.

How to play Crazy Tycoon

To play, you must use the mouse.


Improve management skills
Numerous minigames added throughout the process.
Daily incentive event
Mobile phones provide access to a captivating game.

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