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About MathPup Math Adventure

MathPup Math Adventure is an engaging instructional game that mixes puzzle-solving and adventure features. Let's utilize your arithmetic abilities to assist our protagonist, a little dog named Robin, reach his destination today. This game provides several engaging challenges and interactive opportunities for youngsters to practice and enhance their math abilities as they solve equations and avoid different perils. You must use the control keys to lead the puppy over a variety of obstacles while causing them to touch the cube a set amount of times. If your answer is correct, the door will open, allowing you to go to the next level of MathPup Math Adventure.

With its adorable and endearing protagonist and utilization of mathematical ideas, MathPup Math Adventure provides gamers with an interesting and informative experience.

How to play MathPup Math Adventure

Use the arrow keys to go through the levels with MathPup.
MathPup may double jump by hitting the arrow key twice while in the air.
Press the R button to repeat a level, and the arrow button to advance to the next level after completing one.

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