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About Sky Bridge

Sky Bridge is a one-button arcade game in which the objective is to assist the construction worker reach the next tower by constructing a bridge. This game is all on intuitive abilities and length perception. Prepare for a series of difficult stages that will need sound judgment.

You are atop a lofty building, and your objective is to successively leap onto the adjacent buildings. In this manner, you will get to the summit and advance forward. The only method to access the other buildings is to traverse a ladder that serves as a bridge between these structures. The length of these ladders will be determined only by yourself. Click and hold the left mouse button until you determine that the ladder is long enough. Once you release the left mouse button, the ladder will halt and you will begin to climb it. Your character will fall if the ladder is too long or too short. Now, make every effort to determine the precise lengths of the ladders and go far from your starting location.

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How to play Sky Bridge

Click on the screen and hold on to the left click until you decide that the ladder is long enough.


• Colorful 2D graphics
• Skins and side-kick characters to unlock
• Need for intuitive controls
• Endless gameplay
• Best score and leaderboard system available

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