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About Tank Wars

Welcome to the best HTML5 tank game, Tank Wars! Protect your base from the attacking tanks of the enemy. Be sure to take precautions to prevent them from shooting at and destroying your base. This game has three different levels of difficulty for you to pick from, and each level contains a total of 120 stages. What an incredible amount of playtime! You have the option of playing it by yourself or with a friend in the "2 player mode." There are certain power ups that will spawn around the area, so it is in your best interest to keep an eye out for those as they will assist you in the fight. You may improve your tank's performance throughout the game by earning badges and ranks as you progress through it. Kill as many enemy tanks as you can to rack up as many points as possible, and you just might see your name at the top of the scoreboard!


How to play Tank Wars

Choose the mode: against the computer or with a friend. Earn coins and buy tanks! To move the tank, use the arrows on the left. To attack, aim with the joystick on the right.


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