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Stickman shooting enemies is your basic arsenal in this game. However, what if you have a friend visiting and wish to play with them as well? Now you can add another enjoyable dimension to this timeless classic! Stick Duel enables remote-controlled combat with other gamers or friends. Your objective is straightforward: eliminate as many arrows as possible. When you kill an adversary and they fall to the ground, they will transform into stick figures controlled by other players, who will then begin firing at you. They will follow their shot unless an obstruction, such as a tree or another stickman, blocks their path. As soon as one of your allies shoots at the barricade, it becomes his/her stick, and he/she will cease firing at other players. Which is more enjoyable?

The Second World War has ended, but its repercussions are still being felt. In 2038, humanity lives in peace and prosperity as a result of a new world order that unites the globe's superpowers. This peaceful scene, however, may not last long if World War III breaks out. Two global players, Russia and the United Governments, compete for regional supremacy and control of natural resources as opposing states strive for dominance in the contemporary world. Consequently, two nuclear-armed countries will engage in a new cold war as they compete for worldwide dominance in the virtual world.

Unrestricted Action Two stickmen face off with only a wooden stick. If you believe yourself to be tough, just wait till you encounter The Stickman! Only the strongest will prevail in this battle!


How to play Stick Duel: The War

Using Mouse


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