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About Poppy Huggie Escape

Poppy Huggie is a young witch who lives in the small town of Huggie with her aunt. One day, she comes home from school and discovers that her house has been broken into. Someone took her beloved hamster, Mr. Huggy Bear! Now Poppy must save her friend! Get ready for this amazing escape game full of scares and lots of puzzles. Poppy left a clue to find the key that opened the door for her. Help Poppy find the secret room in her bedroom where she can find a spell book. Then explore the wizard's castle to find hidden objects and crack various codes. After completing all these quests, you will be able to challenge the witch and win Huggie back! This amazing game is free to download and will keep you coming back.


How to play Poppy Huggie Escape

Instruction Instructions: Use the keyboard arrows to jump and crouch to run the obstacles. Touch and drag the screen on mobile and tablet devices to jump and crouch.


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