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Mr Bean is an eccentric character that has been part of our culture for many years now. His distinctive personality, humor and manners have made him a favorite character of all ages, not only children but also adults. We know that you love Mr Bean and his crazy adventures so we bring you this new Solitaire game with the famous Mr Bean as the main character! In this solitaire card game you will discover new challenging ways to win. This time, you will adventure on your own with Mr Bean. You will try to figure out which cards can be removed from the table to make room for the next, or use a combination of cards instead of discarding red or black cards individually. Sounds pretty easy? Well, it won't be easy! In this game you need to reveal all the cards hidden under other cards in the same suit. To do so, you must place them on the discard pile if they are not of the same suit or on an appropriate pile if they do. If you manage to reveal all the cards before you run out of moves, you win that game and can keep playing until you lose a card! But don't worry, we're here to help you beat this tough game!


How to play Mr Bean Solitaire Adventures

Using Mouse


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