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This Blitz game requires you to make matches of three or more diamonds. Find all the hidden treasures! Try to make as many matches as you can and get rid of as many diamonds as you can before the clock runs out. The quicker you are able to respond, the more points you will receive. If you find that you are losing counter at an alarming rate, you can quit the game by clicking the red button. By linking three or more jewelts, you can remove them from the game board. As you approach closer and closer to matching up all of the jewels, you need to make sure that you don't forget any of them. In this match-3 puzzle game, you're in for a lot of fun that may easily become addictive. Continue playing to earn greater scores and face new obstacles at each subsequent level! More points will be awarded to you in proportion to how much higher your score becomes. Because you only have a set amount of time to complete each level, you need to make sure you do it as quickly as you can in order to have more time available. Just try not to stress out too much and enjoy yourself while you're playing! Create a sequence of three or more identical Jewels in order to remove them from the board. In this match-3 game, you're in for a lot of fun that may easily become addictive.


How to play Jewels Blitz 5

Using Mouse


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