Go Taio is an io game in HTML5 format where you will have a great time playing this game online. The player must control a small green ball by moving it back and forth, left and right. The goal of the game is to grow the ball to hit all the other balls that are going towards you. The balls get faster as they get closer to your position, making it harder for you to hit them with your ball. Some balls can be eliminated by hitting them from behind. To grow balls, you have to collect orbs scattered on colored levels. They come in a variety of colors depending on whether they are worth more or not. There are three types of spheres; yellow, blue and red. The number of points these orbs add is so variable that some of them can help while others can hinder you from further progressing in the level. There will also be obstacles coming your way like spikes and walls that must be along your way if you want to survive longer. If your ball hits an obstacle or another ball, they will change color and decrease in size until they disappear completely leaving smaller versions of them called pucks or beads at the bottom. bottom.


How to play

Controls Move your mouse = move Space = split


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