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The world is a scary place these days, and it's only getting worse. Zombies are roaming the streets looking for brains, ghosts are haunting houses, and werewolves are lurking in the forests. Do you still think the world is a nice place? Well, you're right. But there's one more thing you should know before you start thinking that the world is not all a bad place: you can survive it! This is why we have this game for you! In this game, your aim is to protect your rabbit family from the dangers of the world. That's right, you can play this fun and exciting adventure game, which is based on protecting your little rabbits from the evil forces that try to harm them. You'll have to build houses for the rabbits, protect them from monsters, and do everything in your power to care for them and keep them safe. Are you ready to start this epic journey? Good, in that case, let's get

Zombie rabbits, they’re coming out of their holes and they’re hungry! What’s a father to do? Throw his family into a farmhouse and hope to God they can fend off the undead, or just do whatever he’s gotta do. This is no life for a rabbit, but it’s a life for a father, and he’s gonna protect that life at any cost! In this action-packed zombie survival game, you’ll need to run and hide, shoot and run, and even fight back to reclaim your family farm. This rabbit has a name, and it’s Daddyrabbit! Daddyrabbit is about running, hiding, shooting and fighting back. You’ll need to explore the nightmare of a zombie infestation, harvest resources and build a variety of tools and weapons to stay alive. Survive the dangers of the countryside, fend off the undead, grow your family and protect what’s

A zombie apocalypse has occurred. Only you and your dad are left. Your dad is injured and can’t walk. You have to find food, shelter, and medicine to take care of him. Play as a little rabbit named Daddy Rabbit in this 3D adventure and farm simulator game. You have to take care of your dad in this zombie apocalypse. You have only your dad to take care of and you can’t leave him alone. You have to find food, shelter, and medicine to take care of him. You can play this game on mobile and PC. This game also has many levels. Are you ready for this? Good

You're a father who lives with your wife and two kids in a small village. You work in a factory that produces electronic gadgets in the nearby city. One day, an accident causes you to lose your job. With your family's future at stake, you reluctantly accept a proposition to test a virtual reality game. Your wife and kids don’t understand why you are suddenly so interested in games and computer software. That is before the zombies attack one night! You must run for your life to escape the zombie hoards. Soon, you realize that this game is no

Help this little rabbit to grow and build their farm on a remote your help, they will be able to grow their farm and harvest the most delicious crops. You will have to help them by planting seeds, watering them, harvesting them and selling them. Build your farm together with them and save as many people as you


How to play Daddy Rabbit

Using Mouse


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