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You find yourself in a dark and moldy cellar. The flickering light of the candle in your hand reveals old crates and barrels filled with strange trinkets. You're not alone. Something evil lurks in these bunkers, watching and waiting. You need to get out and fast! But before you can leave, you must begin the arduous quest of finding gold so that you can purchase the necessary items needed to escape. Enter Coinblock Clicker - An incremental game where you click blocks to earn coins so you can buy upgrades and progress further into this sunken vault. Every 5 minutes something will pop up from one of the random blocks and try to kill you but if you have enough coins at the end of the round (Timer resets every time you buy an upgrade) you can save save yourself 5 more minutes. This is a very simple ascending game with idle mechanics. You want to get as much gold as possible without having to click on anything or do anything. Sound easy? Let's challenge it.


How to play CoinBlock Clicker

Controls Use the left mouse button to click on the CoinBlock.


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