In Escape From CaptureFlagio, you are a prisoner sent to a secret laboratory. You have to find the right way out and get out of this place as fast as possible. No time to waste! All lab doors are locked and guarded by security cameras. If they find out about you, they'll lock down the entire facility, locking everyone inside forever. Luckily, you have enough intelligence to know that there's more to it than making eye contact in every situation. From passing by unsuspecting scientists to their disinterest in figuring out how to unlock different doors so you can get out of that place as soon as possible. The world is full of things that we don't see or even think about until something triggers it or we encounter it just for a moment. Your goal is to avoid players on the map and reach your flag before them. If you touch another player, both are removed from the game. There are many ways to avoid players, from running at them when they don't want to climb walls and ladders or hiding in small gaps between flags. Capture those moments and you will become rich.


How to play

You must fight against the other team and try to capture their flag. You can gain a speed boost by using the space bar – this can help you get past them quicker. Ensure that you avoid the green spikes as they can eliminate you from the game! Teamwork is key and you must work fast to ensure you defend your own flag, but capture the enemy flag too! Release Date November 2018 Developer developed this game. Features .io flag capturing game Five players per team 2D neon obstacles Easy controls Boost feature You can submit your own map! Platform Web browser Controls WASD or arrow keys to move around Space bar to give a temporary speed boost Enter to chat


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