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About Bloo Kid

Bloo Kid 2 is a platform game played in two dimensions and featuring pixel art and a retro aesthetic. The game was designed with popular retro games like Mario as its primary source of inspiration. Relive the glory days of the early video gaming industry! In this updated version of the classic single-screen 2D platformer, you must assist Bloo Kid in rescuing his fiancée from the clutches of the Wicked Witch. You'll have to jump and run your way through 96 intense levels that are spread out across eight distinct planets. The video game Bloo Kid is often compared to the classic arcade game Bubble Bobble as well as the platformer Super Mario. Fight your way through waves of foes and challenging bosses to save the person you care about.
Bloo Kid and Pink Girl have a happy life together with their newborn child, who they affectionately refer to as "Pink Kid," after Bloo Kid rescued Pink Girl from the clutches of the wicked wizard. However, after that, an entirely new journey awaits you just beyond the bloo...
Bloo Kid 2 features:
- Five worlds with twelve levels each
- Handcrafted, colorful pixel-graphics
- A full chiptune soundtrack
- Epic boss battles
- Tons of secrets

How to play Bloo Kid

Press the arrows keys to move left and right
Press the up arrow to jump
Hold the up arrow key for higher jumps
Jump on enemies to defeat them.


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