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About Wars Wars, also styled as — Conquer the World, is a mobile and web-based strategy game where you battle for territory in a simplified world map. It combines elements of real-time strategy and puzzle solving, tasking you with outsmarting opponents to claim dominion.

Here's a breakdown of what you can expect in Wars:

  • Conquer the World: The ultimate goal is to dominate the entire map, turning all territories under your control. You'll clash with other players in real-time matches, vying for strategic superiority.

  • Abstract Real-Time Strategy: ditches the complexity of traditional RTS games. Instead of building intricate bases and managing unit production, you directly control your troops on the map. Battles play out in real time, demanding quick thinking and tactical maneuvering.

  • Tactical Clash of Dots: The game uses a simplified representation of territories and armies. Instead of tanks and soldiers, you see colored dots representing your forces. This allows for a focus on strategic troop movement and positioning to overcome your rivals.

  • Puzzle Solving: Outsmarting your opponents is key. You'll need to carefully plan troop movements to capture territories while anticipating your opponent's actions. Thinking several steps ahead and reacting swiftly are essential for victory.

How to play Wars

Using Mouse and Keyboard.

How to Win?

Focus on Vulnerable Territories:

  • Look for opportunities when opponents launch attacks. Their initial assault will leave their home territory weak.
  • Scout for unguarded countries - these are easy pickings to expand your forces.

Dominate First:

  • Once you capture a territory, your army grows. Use this advantage to quickly overwhelm neighboring states before your opponent can react.

Balance Offense and Defense:

  • Don't commit your entire army to an attack. Leave some troops behind to defend your core territory from opportunistic players.

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