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Harmonies io welcomes music enthusiasts to an engaging daily quiz game, where players embark on a journey to decipher the common themes among four squares, each brimming with music-related elements. This game, designed to test and expand players' musical knowledge, invites participants into a realm of musical exploration and discovery.


  • Each day, players log into Harmonies.io to find a new quiz waiting for them.
  • The quiz consists of four squares, each displaying a different image, text, or musical notation related to a specific theme.
  • Players must carefully examine each square and identify the common thread that ties them together.
  • Once they've determined the common theme, players submit their answers within a time limit to earn points and advance to the next quiz.


  • The quizzes become progressively more challenging as players advance through the game. Themes may vary widely, covering everything from iconic album covers to famous composers to obscure musical terms.
  • Some quizzes might require players to identify a specific musical genre based on visual cues or snippets of musical notation.
  • Other quizzes could involve recognizing famous landmarks in the music world or deciphering cryptic clues related to influential musicians.

Community and Competition:

  • Harmonies.io fosters a sense of friendly competition among players by incorporating leaderboards and achievements.
  • Players can compare their quiz scores with friends and fellow enthusiasts, sparking discussions and friendly rivalries.
  • The game encourages collaboration as players share tips, strategies, and insights to help each other tackle daily challenges.

Rewards and Recognition:

  • Players earn points and rewards for correctly solving quizzes, with bonus points awarded for speed and accuracy.
  • Daily challenges and special events offer opportunities for players to earn exclusive rewards and recognition within the Harmonies.io community.
  • High-performing players may be featured on leaderboards or rewarded with virtual badges and trophies for their achievements.


Harmonies io is a daily quiz game that offers music enthusiasts a fun and engaging way to test their knowledge, discover new musical facts, and connect with like-minded individuals. With its diverse range of themes, challenging puzzles, and competitive elements, the game provides a dynamic platform for players to showcase their musical expertise while fostering a vibrant community of passionate music lovers.

How to play Harmonies io

Using Mouse and Keyboard

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