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About Katan.io

Katan.io is a browser-based online adaptation of the popular board game Settlers of Catan, also known simply as Catan. Developed by Benjamin Schiedermeier, Katan.io faithfully brings the classic strategy game to the digital realm, allowing players from around the world to enjoy the experience without needing to gather around a physical board.


The gameplay of Katan.io closely mirrors that of the original board game. Players take on the roles of settlers on the fictional island of Catan, where they must build and develop settlements, roads, and cities while trading and competing with other players for resources such as wood, brick, sheep, grain, and ore. The ultimate goal is to accumulate victory points, which can be earned by various means such as building settlements and cities, holding the longest road, or acquiring development cards.


One of the strengths of Katan.io lies in its accessibility. As a browser-based game, it requires no downloads or installations, making it easy for players to jump into a game whenever they please. Additionally, it offers both real-time and turn-based gameplay options, allowing players to choose the pace that suits them best. This flexibility makes it ideal for both casual players looking for a quick game and dedicated fans seeking a more immersive experience.

The game also features various expansions and rule variants, adding depth and variety to the gameplay. These expansions include popular additions like Seafarers, which introduces the concept of exploring and settling on islands surrounding the main island of Catan, and Cities & Knights, which introduces elements of city-building and defense against barbarian invasions.


  1. Platform: Katan.io is an online browser-based game, whereas Settlers of Catan is a physical board game. This means that Katan.io can be accessed and played on any device with an internet connection and a web browser, offering convenience and accessibility to players around the world. On the other hand, Settlers of Catan requires physical components such as a game board, resource cards, and player pieces, limiting its playability to physical gatherings.

  2. Online Play: Katan.io facilitates online multiplayer gameplay, allowing players to compete against others from different locations in real-time or asynchronously. This feature enables players to enjoy the game without the need for physical proximity or scheduling conflicts. Settlers of Catan, while offering a multiplayer experience, requires players to be present in the same physical space, making it more challenging to organize games, especially with distant friends or family members.

How to play Katan.io

Using Mouse and Keyboard.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Plan Your Initial Settlement Placements: Your starting settlements and roads play a crucial role in determining your early game strategy. Aim to secure access to a diverse range of resources (wood, brick, sheep, grain, and ore) while also considering potential expansion routes for future settlements and roads.

  2. Focus on Resource Production: Prioritize building settlements and cities on resource-rich hexes to maximize your resource production. Wheat (grain) and ore are particularly valuable, as they are used to build cities and purchase development cards, which can provide significant advantages.

  3. Pay Attention to Development Cards: Development cards can provide various advantages, such as bonus victory points, road-building abilities, or even the ability to steal resources from opponents. Aim to purchase development cards regularly, especially if you have excess resources to spare.

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