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About 3 3 takes the concept of the popular .io game and injects a new dimension – literally. Developed by Voodoo, this mobile game puts you in a virtual arena where you compete to claim territory, but this time on a 3D landscape.

The core gameplay remains familiar. You control a snake-like line, leaving your trail behind you to mark your territory. Your objective is to dominate the map by strategically expanding your claimed area while avoiding contact with other players' lines. If you touch another line, it's game over.

Here's what's new in 3D:

  • Multi-level battlegrounds: Instead of a flat surface, 3 offers 3D environments, adding a layer of complexity as you navigate around obstacles and over different levels.
  • Unique shapes: Your claimed territory takes on cool 3D shapes as you expand, making the visuals more engaging.
  • Star collection: While conquering territory, you can also collect stars scattered around the map. These stars unlock new levels and bonuses, keeping the gameplay fresh. 3 is available for free on both Android and iOS, with optional in-app purchases. The game offers a single-player experience, so you can hone your skills without the pressure of live competition. However, some reviews mention occasional glitches and intrusive ads that can disrupt the gameplay experience.

Overall, 3 provides a fun and visually appealing twist on the classic formula. If you're looking for a quick and engaging mobile game that challenges your strategic thinking and reflexes, 3 is worth checking out.

How to play 3

Using Mouse and Keyboard

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