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About Eat the

Eat the is a game that puts you in the cutthroat world of the ocean, where fish fight to become the king of the underwater jungle. It's an "io game," which means you'll be competing against other players online.

Here's the gist of the game:

  • You start as a small fish.
  • Your goal is to grow bigger by eating other fish.
  • The classic rule of nature applies here: big fish eat small fish.
  • You'll need to avoid getting eaten by larger fish while strategically hunting down smaller ones to grow.

The game boasts hundreds of different fish to play as, including sharks, whales, and even goldfish. There are also multiple ocean environments to explore, each with its own secrets.


Eat the seems pretty straightforward, but some versions have introduced interesting twists. For example, some versions allow your fish to evolve with special abilities as it grows larger, adding a strategic layer to the game.


  • Predatory Balance: You can only eat fish that are one size smaller than you.
  • Protect the Small Fry: Avoid eating fish smaller than a designated minimum size (think small minnows).
  • Cleaning Crew: Consume special pollution items that appear throughout the game to earn bonus points.
  • Schooling Bonus: Team up with other fish of the same size for a temporary speed and defense boost. However, avoid teaming up with too many fish, as it creates an unfair advantage.

How to play Eat the

Using Mouse and Keyboard.

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