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Corona could be an online multiplayer game that revolves around the theme of the coronavirus pandemic. In the game, players might take on the role of a virus or a human, each with different objectives and gameplay mechanics.

If playing as a virus, the goal might be to infect as many people as possible by spreading through the virtual world. Players could navigate through various environments, such as cities, hospitals, or transportation hubs, attempting to come into contact with other players to spread the infection. They might have access to different abilities or upgrades, allowing them to evolve and become more infectious or resistant.

On the other hand, if playing as a human, the objective might be to protect oneself and others from the virus. Players could engage in activities like social distancing, wearing masks, or sanitizing areas to prevent the spread of the infection. The gameplay might involve completing tasks, finding resources, or collaborating with other players to survive and overcome the challenges posed by the virus.

The game could feature leaderboards, allowing players to compete for the highest score based on factors such as the number of infections or successful preventive measures taken. Additionally, it might include educational elements, providing information about the coronavirus and promoting awareness of public health measures.

Remember, the above description is purely hypothetical, and the actual game you're referring to might have different gameplay mechanics and objectives. For accurate information and details about the game "Corona," I recommend visiting the specific website you mentioned or conducting an online search for more information.

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Using Mouse

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