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About Tail of the Dragon

Tail of the Dragon is a unique puzzle arcade game that offers a refreshing and innovative gameplay experience. In this game, players take control of a dragon that possesses a fascinating ability to grow in size as it progresses through various challenges. The primary objective is to navigate the dragon through a dynamic playing field filled with obstacles and puzzles.


In Tail of the Dragon, you guide the dragon through a series of increasingly complex levels. The central mechanic of the game involves the dragon's tail, which gradually extends as the dragon moves. This tail serves both as a resource and a challenge.

As you move the dragon, its tail grows longer, but here's the twist: you must carefully manage the length of the tail. The tail can be used to solve puzzles, clear obstacles, and interact with objects in the environment. However, if the tail becomes too long, it can become a hindrance, making maneuvering the dragon more challenging.

Key Features:

  1. Dynamic Puzzles: The game presents players with a wide range of puzzles that require creative thinking and careful planning. The length and flexibility of the dragon's tail are essential elements in solving these puzzles.

  2. Obstacle Courses: As the game progresses, you'll encounter various obstacles and hazards that pose a threat to your dragon. Some obstacles can be overcome using your tail, while others require precise timing and strategy.

  3. Environmental Interactions: The dragon's tail can be used to interact with the game environment. This may involve hitting switches, reaching distant platforms, or manipulating objects to open new pathways.

  4. Power-Ups: To add an extra layer of strategy, Tail of the Dragon offers power-ups and special abilities that can either enhance or alter the dragon's tail. These power-ups can be collected throughout the levels and can significantly impact your approach to solving puzzles.

  5. Charming Visuals: The game features a visually captivating world with colorful landscapes and charming character design, immersing players in a whimsical and enchanting atmosphere.

  6. Progressive Challenge: The difficulty of the game gradually increases as you advance, offering a satisfying learning curve for players of all skill levels.

Tail of the Dragon is an exciting fusion of puzzle-solving, strategic thinking, and skillful maneuvering, all wrapped in a charming and whimsical package. It challenges players to think critically about the growth and management of the dragon's tail, making it a captivating and unique addition to the puzzle arcade genre. Whether you're a fan of puzzle games or just looking for a fresh and innovative gaming experience, "Tail of the Dragon" is sure to offer hours of engaging gameplay.

How to play Tail of the Dragon

Using Mouse and Keyboard

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