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  Super are super tornadoes sent to earth by alien monsters to destroy. They come in many colors and blow away everything in their path. Nothing can stop them. Millions of people she swallowed, tall buildings collapsed, cars stopped flying and hills were destroyed by them. That is the extremely enjoyable experience that this Super game brings to players. Sweep every corner of crowded cities.

  You and other players will start with a small whirlwind and collect small objects such as people walking on the road, trees, street lights, trash cans, etc... to increase their strength and size. When the size is large enough, you will be able to blow away massive high-rise buildings and also attract other small whirlwinds that are the players. This will help you eliminate other competitors and get a high position in the rankings. Try to find crowded places with lots of houses and vehicles. It's also important to stay away from other large tornadoes so you don't blow away. There will be many other players so don't forget to name your tornado when joining the game. 

  The war of tornadoes begins!


How to play Super

Drag to play.

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