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About Strands NYT

Strands NYT is a new word game by The New York Times that's currently in beta testing. It launched on March 4, 2024, so there are only a few puzzles available to play as of today.

Here's a quick rundown of Strands:

  • Concept: It's like a mix of Scrabble and a word search. You get a grid of letters and a clue related to a theme. Your job is to find all the words that connect to the theme by swiping through the letters.
  • Gameplay: The grid is 6x8 with 48 letters. There's a single clue to guide you. Words you find that fit the theme will be highlighted in blue.
  • The Twist: There's a final word that uses all the letters in the grid, kind of like a super anagram for the theme. This is called the "spangram" and gets highlighted in yellow.

How to play Strands NYT

Using Mouse and Keyboard

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