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About Strands

Strands emerges as a refreshing and captivating addition. Designed to challenge your vocabulary and cognitive skills, Strands brings a unique twist to the classic word search format, making it a must-have for word game enthusiasts.

At its core, Strands operates on the familiar premise of finding words hidden within a grid of letters. However, what sets it apart are the clever twists woven into its gameplay. Unlike traditional word searches where words are typically arranged horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, Strands introduces a dynamic element by allowing words to twist and turn in any direction, intertwining like strands of a complex web. This adds an extra layer of challenge, requiring players to think creatively and consider words from multiple perspectives.

Tips to win

  1. Scan the Grid: Before you start forming words, take a moment to scan the entire grid. Look for any obvious word patterns or clusters of letters that could lead to potential words. This initial observation can help you plan your approach and identify hidden opportunities.

  2. Start with Longer Words: Longer words typically yield higher scores and can help you uncover more letters on the grid. Focus on finding longer words first, as they can provide a solid foundation for building shorter words around them.

  3. Think Outside the Box: Remember that words in Strands can twist and turn in any direction, including diagonally and backward. Don't limit yourself to traditional word search patterns—explore all possible orientations to uncover hidden words.

  4. Use Letter Combinations: Look for common letter combinations and prefixes/suffixes that can help you identify potential words more efficiently. For example, words starting with "un-" or ending in "-ing" are common in English and can be a good starting point for your search.

  5. Take Advantage of Daily Challenges: Participate in the daily challenges to sharpen your skills and earn rewards. These challenges offer unique puzzles that provide a fresh opportunity to test your abilities and compete with other players.

How to play Strands

Using Mouse and Keyboard

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