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About Snakeoban (Jam ver.)

Snakeoban (Jam ver.) is a thrilling fusion of two classic games: Snake and Sokoban. Developed during a game jam, this innovative title seamlessly combines the addictive gameplay mechanics of Snake with the brain-teasing puzzles of Sokoban, creating a unique and captivating gaming experience.

In Snakeoban, players control a snake-like character navigating through a series of puzzle-filled levels. The objective is to maneuver the snake to collect all the designated objects or reach a specific destination within each level while overcoming obstacles and avoiding traps.

Like the original Snake game, players must guide their character using intuitive controls, typically arrow keys or swipe gestures, to move in cardinal directions. However, in Snakeoban, movement is not as simple as it seems. Players must strategize their moves carefully to avoid getting trapped or colliding with obstacles, often requiring precise planning and spatial reasoning.

The Sokoban element comes into play with the puzzle aspect of the game. Players encounter crates, barriers, switches, and other obstacles that must be manipulated to progress through the level. This adds a layer of challenge and complexity, as players must not only navigate the snake but also solve puzzles to advance.

Each level presents new and increasingly intricate challenges, testing the player's reflexes, problem-solving skills, and patience. As players progress, they unlock new levels with more obstacles, intricate layouts, and clever puzzles, keeping the gameplay fresh and engaging.

The game's jam version may offer a limited number of levels or features compared to a full release, but it showcases the game's concept and potential. With its innovative blend of gameplay mechanics and retro-inspired visuals, Snakeoban (Jam ver.) offers players a nostalgic yet refreshing gaming experience that is both challenging and entertaining.

How to play Snakeoban (Jam ver.)

Using Mouse and Keyboard

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