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About Snake Mosaic

Snake Mosaic is an evolution of the classic Snake game, featuring a plethora of entertaining and diverse challenges. With more than 200 levels, players have their work cut out for them as they guide their snakes through various mazes and scenarios. The game offers a twist by allowing players to unlock different snakes, each with its own unique attributes and appearances.

Snake Variety:

  • Bunny Snake: The Bunny snake might be the fastest of the bunch, enabling players to navigate through tight spaces and complete levels with lightning speed.

  • Ninja Snake: With the Ninja Snake, players can expect a stealthy approach to the game. This snake has a special ability that helps it avoid detection and sneak past tricky obstacles.

  • Zombie Snake: The Zombie snake could bring a sense of unpredictability to the game. Perhaps it has a unique ability to regenerate or overcome certain obstacles that other snakes can't.

Challenging Levels:

The game's charm lies in its challenging levels. Players must employ their wit, strategy, and dexterity to complete each stage. Speed is of the essence if they wish to collect the coveted gold within the time limit.

Unlockable Content:

As players progress through the game, they have the opportunity to unlock new snakes. This adds an element of strategy, as they can choose the snake that best suits their preferred playstyle or the level's particular challenges.


Snake Mosaic offers a fresh and captivating take on the classic Snake game, with its extensive level selection and the ability to unlock a variety of snakes. Whether players favor speed, stealth, or unpredictability, they have the freedom to choose a snake that fits their strategy. The challenge of collecting gold within time constraints keeps players engaged and coming back for more. It's a game that promises fun and excitement for players of all ages.

How to play Snake Mosaic

Using Mouse and Keyboard

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