Snake Haste! It's a game that takes the classic snake formula and injects a shot of adrenaline, creating a frantic and challenging experience. Developed by Tarsier, CodeNinja, and camelCaseJake for the 2021 GMTK Game Jam, it might not be the most polished title, but its unique twist on the genre makes it worth checking out.

Here's what makes Snake Haste tick:

  • Double Trouble: Instead of one, you control two snake heads at once! They're tethered together, and you switch control between them every 15 seconds. This adds a whole new layer of strategy and quick thinking. You gotta plan your movements, making sure both heads don't collide or get themselves into trouble while the other is on cooldown.

  • Haste Makes Waste: As the name suggests, speed is key. The game ramps up the pace steadily, throwing faster food pellets and tighter spaces your way. The pressure is on to keep both snakes fed and maneuver them with precision to avoid crashing.

  • Simple Aesthetics, Addictive Gameplay: The visuals are charmingly retro, reminiscent of classic arcade games. But don't let the pixelated graphics fool you, the gameplay is surprisingly deep and engaging. Mastering the two-headed snake dance and racking up high scores is immensely satisfying.

However, Snake Haste isn't without its flaws. Some players have reported control issues and occasional lag, which can be frustrating in such a fast-paced game. Additionally, the lack of power-ups or variety in level design might leave some craving for more depth.

Overall, Snake Haste is a fun and frenetic take on the classic snake game. Its innovative two-headed mechanic injects a fresh dose of challenge and excitement. While it might not be perfect, it's worth a try for anyone looking for a quick and addictive arcade experience. So, if you're up for a slithery good time with a twist, give Snake Haste a shot!

How to play SNAKE HASTE

Using Mouse and Keyboard

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