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About Shapez

Shapez is a factory-building game with a twist: instead of churning out widgets or gears, you're tasked with automating the production of increasingly complex geometric shapes. It's a unique blend of puzzle, strategy, and automation that's both relaxing and mind-bendingly satisfying.

The Core Loop:

  • Mine and Process: Start by extracting basic shapes like squares and triangles from the infinite map.
  • Craft and Combine: Use these shapes as building blocks, feeding them into machines that merge, split, rotate, and paint them in vibrant colors.
  • Automate and Optimize: Design efficient conveyor belts and sorters to move shapes seamlessly between machines, creating complex production lines.
  • Unlock and Conquer: As you progress, new shapes and machines are unlocked, pushing your creativity and problem-solving skills to the limit.

What Makes Shapez Special:

  • Elegant Simplicity: The minimalist art style and intuitive controls make Shapez approachable for everyone, while the depth of its systems keeps even seasoned strategy veterans engaged.
  • Creative Freedom: There's no single "right" way to build your factories. Experiment with different layouts and machines to find the most efficient and visually pleasing solution.
  • Relaxing Yet Challenging: The soundtrack and gentle pace create a calming atmosphere, but the puzzles themselves can be surprisingly brain-teasing.
  • Infinite Replayability: The procedurally generated maps and endless complexity of shapes ensure you can always find a new challenge to conquer.

Shapez 2:

For those who crave even more intricate automation, Shapez 2 takes things to the next level. With multi-level factories, advanced logistics systems, and even fluids to manage, it's a true factory-building masterpiece for hardcore players.

Whether you're a puzzle enthusiast, a strategy addict, or simply enjoy the satisfaction of building efficient systems, Shapez offers a unique and rewarding experience. So, grab your hard hat and get ready to shape your industrial utopia!

How to play Shapez

Using Mouse and Keyboard

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