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About Rainbow Frozen

  Rainbow Frozen is the ideal choice for players who are passionate about mixing drinks. Exclusive branded drinks designed by you. Overwhelmed with the creativity in the diverse and rich mixing space. Favorite flavors and experiencing the results yourself will bring unforgettable impressions and test the suitability of the barista. Dream of having your own beverage brand will come true. Let Rainbow Frozen do all this for you!


  First design the cup cover as you like, you can draw it yourself and put that design in any position you want. The warehouse of colors and logos is extremely diverse to help players freely choose and be creative. Next, make drinks from fruits such as oranges, passion fruit, or blueberries in your own way. You can mix them as you like, should do this because it will make your cup more beautiful and outstanding. Immerse yourself in a super exciting food processing space. Make delicious fruit wine drinks. Vividly simulated cooking tools: Ice mold, knife, cutting board, wooden stick, freezer, induction cooker, flour sieve, mixing spoon, food mixer, ice mold, ice crusher, machine shaver, juice dispenser, and more. Lots of food ingredients and decorations: Fruits, juices, edible flowers, marshmallows, chocolate, sugar, eggs, flour, water, butter, salt, milk, nuggets, spices, ice, and more.


  Don't forget to share the shimmering finished product with your friends.


How to play Rainbow Frozen

Click or touch to play.

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