PILLOWBATTLE.IO is a fun room of a mental institution. Crazy people chase each other and use pillows as weapons. The battle begins and only one player wins when all the other players have been eliminated. The game with a unique idea will make players feel extremely funny and sometimes have to laugh out loud. The competition with other online players adds to the excitement and drama of PILLOWBATTLE.IO.

  You will be in a closed room with other players. A white pillow can appear anywhere in the room. You have to find that pillow and run to grab it quickly, if you already own a white pillow, throw it to any player to remove. Only the player holding the white pillow can attack. If you want other players to be faster, you have to stay away from the player with the white pillow if you don't want to be beaten. The position of the white pillow will be forewarned with an arrow. When you're lucky to own a weapon, don't waste it, but be careful to aim precisely at the target to throw. Only one winner moves quickly, defeating other players before you are sent flying out of the room.

  Are you the sane guy among the insane patients?


Drag to play.

Drop to throw pillow.

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