NEONSNAKE.IO is a new version of graphics with special luminescent colors that will delight players. The gameplay is similar to the classic snake games, with a narrower campus range will increase the competition higher than other versions. Players will find a new feeling and enjoy the unique designs of the snakes.

  You will start with a small snake, collecting the bright arches to increase in size, which can be pressed and held to move faster. There will be many other players involved so you will fight for the highest score which means your snake is the largest size. Maybe you will also be overwhelmed with your giant snake. Take care not to bump into the bodies of other snakes because if that happens you will lose and become food for them. However, you can also intentionally make other snakes crash into your body to destroy them. This way you can increase your size more quickly. This can be done with eel snakes more than you, as long as you have enough intelligence and dexterity.

  Are you the best snake breeder?

How to play NEONSNAKE.IO

Drag to move faster.

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