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About Monkey Farm

Monkey Farm is an exhilarating and fast-paced simulation farming game that offers players the opportunity to cultivate their very own virtual farm. In this engaging gaming experience, players must not only grow crops and raise animals but also employ strategic thinking to attract customers and generate revenue through product sales. It's a game that combines the relaxing aspects of farming with the excitement of running a successful business.


Monkey Farm offers a unique twist on the traditional farming simulation genre by introducing playful and adorable monkeys as the farm's main attraction. Players begin with a small, humble farm and a few monkeys, with the primary objective of expanding their farm, attracting more customers, and increasing revenue.

Key Features:

  1. Monkey Care:

    • Players must care for their monkey companions, ensuring they are happy and healthy.
    • Customize monkey enclosures and provide them with the best food, toys, and shelter to maintain their well-being.
  2. Crop Cultivation:

    • Plant a variety of crops, including fruits, vegetables, and specialty items like banana trees and coconuts.
    • Employ time and resource management skills to maximize your crop yield.
  3. Animal Husbandry:

    • In addition to monkeys, players can raise other farm animals like cows, chickens, and goats.
    • Collect resources such as milk, eggs, and wool to create products for sale.
  4. Product Creation:

    • Use the harvested crops and animal resources to create a range of delightful products such as monkey-themed merchandise, homemade jams, and fresh dairy products.
  5. Customer Attraction:

    • As you expand your farm and product range, you'll need to attract a diverse customer base.
    • Customize and decorate your farm to make it more appealing to visitors, including tourists and families looking for a memorable day out.
  6. Business Management:

    • Manage your farm's finances and invest in upgrades, additional land, and advertising to increase your farm's profitability.
  7. Challenges and Events:

    • Encounter various in-game challenges, seasons, and events that keep the gameplay fresh and exciting.
  8. Multiplayer and Social Interaction:

    • Connect with friends and other players to trade products, help each other out, or even compete in friendly competitions.


Monkey Farm is a delightful blend of farm simulation and business management, where players can enjoy the satisfaction of watching their farm grow and thrive while engaging in challenging and entertaining gameplay. With adorable monkeys as the main attraction, the game offers a fresh take on the farming simulation genre, ensuring hours of entertainment and enjoyment for players of all ages. Start your own Monkey Farm adventure today and witness the joy of turning a small, quaint farm into a bustling and prosperous business!

How to play Monkey Farm

Using Mouse and Keyboard

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