About is a worldwide naval war with a gathering of thousands of warships and heavy missiles. All of them will be conducted using a ship like the Mk48. The ship you own will appear in front of you, on which you will have to install certain weapons. Then your ship will be in a certain area. Using the joystick you will have to indicate the direction your ship will have to go. On the side, you will see a special radar that will tell you where your enemies are. After finding him in the sea, you will have to approach him at a certain distance and aim to drop torpedoes or fire missiles. If your target is hit, then you will sink the enemy ship and get points for this. When you accumulate a certain amount, you can install new weapons on it.

  The battlespace is a vast expanse of sea that will allow a large number of players to participate. The ship can be left hidden under the water, so be careful with opponents. The speed of navigation is quite slow in this game, you need to cover the battle situation and avoid torpedoes or missile shots from other players. A special feature in is that you can invite friends to join and play as a team, and the appearance of the chat board will be an opportunity for you to interact with the participating members and make the fight becomes more interesting. Don't forget to choose a nickname for your warship so your teammates can recognize it. Are you ready to become the most powerful navy?

How to play

Drag to move.

Double-tap to shoot.

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