About is a popular online multiplayer game that has gained significant attention and popularity among gaming enthusiasts. It is an exciting and thrilling game that tests players' strategic thinking, stealth, and decision-making abilities.

In, players assume the role of either a killer or a detective. The objective of the game varies depending on the player's role. Killers are tasked with eliminating their targets discreetly and efficiently without being detected, while detectives work together to identify and catch the killers before they strike again.

The gameplay of is immersive and intense. Players navigate through various environments, such as cities, buildings, or other intriguing settings, as they hunt or hide from their opponents. The game incorporates elements of stealth, as players need to carefully plan their moves and remain undetected to carry out successful assassinations or investigations.

As a killer, players must rely on their ability to blend in with the environment, using disguises and distractions to approach their targets unnoticed. They need to select their victims strategically, considering factors like proximity, vulnerability, and the risk of exposure. Timing and precision are crucial in executing kills without raising suspicions.

On the other hand, detectives in must work collaboratively to gather evidence, analyze crime scenes, and track down the killers. They use their deductive skills and pay attention to details to identify patterns, unravel clues, and narrow down the suspects. Communication and teamwork among the detectives are key to solving the mysteries efficiently and preventing further casualties.

One of the most captivating aspects of is its competitive nature. Players can engage in intense one-on-one battles or participate in team-based matches, where killers and detectives face off against each other. These multiplayer modes add an extra layer of excitement and unpredictability to the gameplay, as players need to outsmart real opponents rather than relying solely on AI-controlled characters. also features a progression system, allowing players to unlock new abilities, equipment, and customization options as they level up and earn rewards. This adds a sense of achievement and encourages players to continue honing their skills and exploring different strategies. is a thrilling and engaging game that offers an adrenaline-pumping experience for fans of stealth and strategic gameplay. With its immersive environments, intense gameplay mechanics, and competitive multiplayer modes, the game provides hours of entertainment and challenges players to think like a killer or detectives.

How to play

Using Mouse and Keyboard

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