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About Jake the Snake

Jake, a young snake, aspires to be huge and powerful. In the game Jake The Snake, you will aid Jake in doing this. Your character's future location will be indicated on the screen in front of you. You will direct his activities by using the joystick. Examine the area thoroughly and keep an eye out for any food that could fall there. Then direct your character down a predetermined path and force him to consume the entire meal.

In the game Jake The Snake, you will score points for doing so and also get the ingested food, which will make your hero bigger. Keep in mind that various traps will be placed all throughout. You can't let your hero snitch on them. In the video game Jake The Snake, he will perish if this continues to occur, preventing you from completing the level.

There isn't much length to Jake the Snake. To enable him to reach the exit on each level, you must first help him develop. Even then, it might be challenging to plan how to get Jake to the door without having him run into anything hazardous or into the water.

How to play Jake the Snake

Using Mouse

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