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HexSweep.io is a captivating online multiplayer game that puts a fresh twist on the classic Minesweeper. In this game, players are thrust into a world of hexagonal grids and strategic thinking. Your mission is to uncover hidden mines, strategically mark danger zones, and outwit your opponents in thrilling multiplayer battles. HexSweep.io offers a brain-teasing experience that will test your wits and keep you engaged for hours.


HexSweep.io follows the familiar principles of Minesweeper with a hexagonal grid layout. Players are assigned a section of the grid and must carefully uncover tiles while avoiding hidden mines. The objective is to clear as many tiles as possible without detonating any mines.

Key Features:

  1. Hexagonal Grids: The game's hexagonal grid layout adds a unique twist to the classic Minesweeper gameplay, providing new challenges and strategic possibilities.

  2. Multiplayer Competition: Engage in intense multiplayer battles where you compete against others to see who can clear the most tiles while avoiding mines. The pressure is on as you race against the clock and your opponents.

  3. Strategic Marking: Use your logic and deductive skills to strategically mark potential mine locations with flags. Careful planning and smart choices are crucial for success.

  4. Dynamic Levels: HexSweep.io offers a variety of grid sizes and difficulty levels, allowing players to progress from beginner to expert as they sharpen their skills.

  5. Power-Ups and Bonuses: Collect power-ups during matches to gain advantages such as revealing nearby mines or clearing a cluster of tiles safely.

  6. Global Leaderboards: Compete for the top spot on the global leaderboards by achieving the highest scores and demonstrating your mastery of the Minesweeper strategy.

  7. Social Interaction: Chat with other players during matches, form alliances, or engage in friendly banter as you tackle the hexagonal minefields.

  8. Easy Controls: HexSweep.io features intuitive controls, making it accessible to both Minesweeper veterans and newcomers. Uncover tiles and place flags with ease, allowing you to focus on the strategy.


HexSweep.io offers a fresh and engaging take on the classic Minesweeper game, combining strategic thinking with multiplayer competition. With its hexagonal grid layout, social interaction, and a variety of power-ups and challenges, it provides endless hours of entertainment for players seeking a mental workout. Whether you're a Minesweeper enthusiast or a casual gamer looking for a brain-teasing multiplayer experience, HexSweep.io is a game that will put your skills to the test and keep you coming back for more. So, dive into the hexagonal minefields and become a master strategist in the thrilling world of HexSweep.io!

How to play HexSweep.io

Using Mouse and Keyboard

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