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About Gravity Snake

Gravity Snake is an innovative and captivating puzzle game that challenges players to navigate a gravity-defying world as a clever and agile snake. Developed by a team of creative designers, this game combines elements of traditional snake gameplay with gravity manipulation mechanics, offering a fresh and brain-teasing gaming experience. In Gravity Snake, players must strategize and manipulate gravity to guide the serpent through intricate mazes and collect valuable rewards. With its unique gameplay, minimalist visuals, and progressively challenging levels, Gravity Snake promises hours of immersive puzzle-solving fun for players seeking a mental workout.


In Gravity Snake, players control a serpentine character that moves through a series of maze-like levels. The objective is to guide the snake to collect all the designated rewards, such as sparkling gems or keys while avoiding obstacles and collisions with the snake's own tail. Unlike traditional snake games, where the snake follows a linear path, in Gravity Snake, the serpent can move along walls and ceilings, making the gameplay all the more intriguing.

Gravity Manipulation:

The game's defining feature is the ability to manipulate gravity. Players can switch the direction of gravity at specific points in the level, causing the snake to walk on walls, ceilings, and even inverted surfaces. This gravity manipulation mechanic adds complexity to the puzzles, as players must carefully plan their moves to collect rewards, avoid hazards, and ultimately reach the level's exit.

Challenging Obstacles and Puzzles:

As players progress through Gravity Snake, they encounter increasingly challenging obstacles and puzzles. These may include moving platforms, laser barriers, switch-operated doors, and gravity wells. Each level becomes progressively more intricate, requiring precise timing and strategic thinking to overcome the hurdles and reach the rewards.

Time and Precision Challenges:

To add an extra layer of challenge and replayability, some levels in Gravity Snake may impose time limits or reward players for completing the puzzle with maximum efficiency. Achieving high scores in these levels requires not only puzzle-solving skills but also quick reflexes and precision in maneuvering the gravity-defying snake.

Minimalist Visuals and Soothing Soundtrack:

Gravity Snake features minimalist and elegant visuals, with clean lines and a soothing color palette. The focus is on the puzzle-solving aspect, allowing players to concentrate on the challenges at hand without visual distractions.

The game's soundtrack complements the tranquil visuals with a calming and ambient melody, enhancing the players' focus and immersion in the gravity-bending world.


Gravity Snake is an innovative and intellectually stimulating puzzle adventure that reinvents the classic snake gameplay with gravity manipulation mechanics. With its challenging puzzles, gravity-defying maneuvers, and elegant visuals, Gravity Snake offers a unique and engaging gaming experience for puzzle enthusiasts and casual players alike. Step into the gravity-bending world, guide the clever serpent through the intricate mazes and exercise your brain in the captivating puzzle adventure that is Gravity Snake.

How to play Gravity Snake

Using Mouse and Keyboard

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