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About Goose Game

Goose Game is an outrageously fun and captivating party game that seamlessly blends the excitement of the classic "Werewolf" game with the whimsical charm of waddling geese and quacking ducks. In this unique experience, players assume the roles of these comical waterfowl as they engage in a suspenseful quest to unmask the impostor in their midst and accomplish their assigned tasks. Goose Game is a thrilling test of wit, strategy, and teamwork, all wrapped in a package of endless amusement.


The central premise of Goose Game is to survive and thrive in a flock of geese or ducks while keeping a watchful eye out for the sly impostor among you. The game is typically played in a group setting, making it perfect for parties, family gatherings, or social events.

  1. Roles:

    • Geese: The majority of players take on the roles of geese or ducks, each with unique abilities, quirks, and tasks. These tasks can range from building nests to gathering food and other waterfowl-related activities.
    • Impostor: One player secretly assumes the role of the impostor. Their mission is to blend in with the flock, sabotage the other players' tasks, and avoid detection.
  2. Day and Night Phases:

    • The game unfolds in alternating "day" and "night" phases. During the day, players discuss their observations, share information, and attempt to deduce the identity of the impostor.
    • At night, players can secretly perform their tasks, while the impostor secretly sabotages their efforts, creating an atmosphere of tension and uncertainty.
  3. Deduction and Strategy:

    • The geese and ducks must use their deductive skills and intuition to identify the impostor and vote them out of the flock. Voting can only occur during the day phase and majority rules.
    • The impostor must use cunning tactics to divert suspicion and remain hidden while disrupting the other player's efforts.
  4. Win Conditions:

    • The geese and ducks win by successfully completing their tasks or by accurately voting out the impostor.
    • The impostor wins by avoiding detection and sabotaging the flock's tasks until the end of the game.

Fun and Laughter:

Goose Game is all about creating memorable moments of laughter and surprise. The charming visuals and amusing quirks of the geese and ducks, combined with the suspense of identifying the impostor, guarantee a lively and hilarious gaming experience. The game is designed to encourage player interaction, teamwork, and above all, lots of good-natured fun.


Goose Game is an incredibly entertaining and fresh take on the classic werewolf-style game. It offers a perfect mix of strategy, deduction, and humor that keeps players engaged and entertained for hours. Whether you're a fan of party games or just looking for an entertaining way to spend time with friends and family, Goose Game is sure to provide an unforgettable and quirk-filled adventure in the world of waddling waterfowl.

How to play Goose Game

Using Mouse and Keyboard

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