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About Farming 10x10

  Farming 10x10 is a cult puzzle game with an interesting fruit farm version. A wide range of ripe berries is harvested and exported around the world from your vast and famous farm. This game will make the dream of owning a farm of many players come true. Join Farming 10x10 to see how farming combined with the mind will bring about ideal yields.


  As the game title says, the farming range will be limited by a 10x10 square board. The gameplay is similar to the classic puzzle games, the blocks are given and you need to put them on the board, with the horizontal or vertical rows filled, you will harvest the number of fruits and vegetables. The given blocks with shapes are random and you cannot change them, including the dimensions. Therefore, the challenge will be much more difficult than other classic versions. There is no time limit, but not being able to rotate the blocks and without any help will make the game even more attractive. Create record points and lots of food to harvest for the farm.


  The transformation into a ranch owner who built, designed and raised, raised livestock with a unique graphic style and game context, all in the shape of a square block. All create a farm with its own charm that attracts the attention of the majority of players.



How to play Farming 10x10

Drag and drop shapes from the bottom area into the main field view.

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