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About Elevator Hitch

Elevator Hitch is a gripping short 2.5D surreal horror and escape room visual novel that seamlessly blends point-and-click mechanics with challenging puzzles. Set in a mysterious office building, the game follows the harrowing journey of two unsuspecting co-workers, Emma and Alex, who are trapped in a nightmarish scenario when they take an ordinary elevator to the ground floor.

The game opens with Emma and Alex finishing late-night work at the seemingly mundane office. As they step into the elevator, the atmosphere takes an unexpected turn, plunging them into a world where reality twists and turns. The once familiar office building transforms into a surreal labyrinth of nightmares, filled with bizarre and otherworldly phenomena.

The 2.5D visual style immerses players in a hauntingly atmospheric environment, with unsettling shadows and eerie lighting enhancing the overall sense of dread. The characters move dynamically through the scenes, making players feel physically present in this surreal nightmare.

Players navigate through the narrative by making crucial decisions at key points, affecting the unfolding story and the character's fate. As Emma and Alex explore the mysterious building, they encounter cryptic puzzles and enigmatic challenges that stand between them and their freedom. The point-and-click mechanics allow players to interact with objects in the environment, uncovering clues, solving puzzles, and revealing the dark secrets hidden within the walls of the building.

The escape room elements add a layer of tension and excitement as players must use their wits to outsmart the nightmarish puzzles blocking Emma and Alex's path. From deciphering cryptic messages to manipulating the surreal environment, every puzzle solved brings them closer to understanding the twisted reality they find themselves trapped in.

As the story unfolds, Emma and Alex's relationship is tested by the increasingly surreal and horrifying events. The choices players make impact the characters' bond and influence the outcome of the game. Will they overcome the nightmarish challenges and escape the clutches of the surreal office building, or will they succumb to the twisted forces that lurk within?

Elevator Hitch promises an immersive and chilling experience, combining a captivating narrative with thought-provoking puzzles, all set against a backdrop of surreal horror. Brace yourself for a psychological rollercoaster as you guide Emma and Alex through the unsettling corridors of this nightmarish office building in a quest for survival and sanity.

How to play Elevator Hitch

Using Mouse and Keyboard

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