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Dragon Joust (.io): A Fierce Dragon Jousting Battle

Dragon Joust (.io) is an exciting and action-packed online multiplayer game that takes players to a medieval fantasy world where brave knights and mighty dragons engage in epic jousting battles. Developed by Lancelot Games, this game combines skill, strategy, and dragon-riding thrills in a competitive .io format.


In Dragon Joust, you become a valiant knight astride a fearsome dragon. Your objective is to engage in thrilling jousting battles against other players in real-time. Using precise timing and skillful maneuvers, you must aim your lance at your opponent's weak spots while defending yourself from their attacks.

Key Features:

  1. Dragon Selection: Choose from a variety of dragon mounts, each with its unique attributes and abilities. Whether you prefer speed, agility, or raw power, there's a dragon to match your playstyle.

  2. Precise Jousting Mechanics: The game's jousting mechanics require precision and timing. Mastering the art of tilting your lance and positioning your dragon for the perfect strike is key to victory.

  3. Upgrades and Customization: As you progress in the game, you can earn rewards and customize your knight and dragon with various equipment and cosmetic items. Personalize your character to stand out on the battlefield.

  4. Team-Based Battles: Engage in team-based jousting matches, where coordination with your fellow knights is crucial. Work together to outmaneuver and defeat your opponents.

  5. Leaderboards and Ranking: Compete to climb the leaderboards and prove your jousting skills to the world. Achieve higher ranks and earn recognition as a legendary jouster.

Game Modes:

Dragon Joust (.io) offers several game modes to keep players entertained:

  1. Free-for-All: Engage in chaotic jousting battles where it's every knight for themselves. Eliminate opponents to earn points and rise to the top.

  2. Team Joust: Team up with other knights to take on rival teams. Cooperation and strategy are essential for victory.

  3. King of the Hill: Fight to maintain control of specific areas on the battlefield to earn points for your team.

Community and Updates:

The Dragon Joust (.io) community is an integral part of the game's success. Developers actively engage with players, gather feedback, and release regular updates to enhance gameplay, address balance issues, and introduce new content, such as dragons, equipment, and game modes.


Dragon Joust (.io) offers a unique and exhilarating gaming experience that combines the thrill of jousting with the fantasy world of dragons. Whether you enjoy competitive multiplayer battles, precision-based gameplay, or simply want to experience the excitement of being a knight atop a dragon in a medieval setting, this game delivers an action-packed and competitive adventure. Prepare to don your armor, mount your dragon, and engage in epic jousting battles in the world of Dragon Joust (.io).

How to play Dragon Joust (.io)

Using Mouse and Keyboard

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