COVIRUS.IO is a fun game about coronavirus famous around the world. This game is inspired by a virus with a terrible rate of spreading the epidemic, which has scared the whole world. With the unique gameplay and participation of many players from different countries around the world, COVIRUS.IO will bring players an experience full of fun and new unprecedented.

  We are working together to fight the epidemic, but in this game, it will turn out the opposite. You will be a virus whose mission is to infect other players and become the strongest virus. Initially, you are just a small virus, you have to eat icons to increase in size. As you get older, you can eat other viruses that are smaller than you to grow in size faster. The detergent bottles are responsible for duplicating viruses into many small viruses. Depending on your strategy, the choice of whether to go through those bottles of detergent or not. If you want to keep your size to eat many other players then you need to avoid detergent. If you want to increase your score fast then go through the detergent bottle at the right time.

  Do you want to be the strongest coronavirus?

How to play COVIRUS.IO

Drag to move.

Passing through detergent to replicate into many viruses.


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