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About Corona Virus Attack

  Corona Virus Attack will let players vent their hatred against the virus that has shaken the whole world. Let's destroy the overbearing coronavirus to bring fresh air to the world. The game is inspired by the epidemic with a dangerous variant virus that will give players a sense of excitement when they can destroy that hateful virus population.

  A limited table in which the viruses are roaming and you play as a creature that can eat them all. Use the arrow keys to move and hold down the "Space" key to draw the boundaries inside. Note that you can only move within those marked lines, either horizontally or vertically. When you occupy all the areas on the board and destroy all the viruses, you will complete the task. Of course, it's not easy with Corona monsters, but running around to threaten you, you will lose if you are touched in the process of moving. Good skills in using direction keys will be an advantage in this game. Subsequent levels will have a thicker virus density and multiplier difficulty but see it as your chance to vent your anger on the monster that plagues the world. The battle to eliminate the most dangerous virus begins...

How to play Corona Virus Attack

Arrow keys to move.

Press and hold "Space" to draw lines.

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