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Celeste is a two-dimensional platform game that has taken the gaming world by storm, known for its breathtaking pixel art, captivating storytelling, and challenging gameplay. Developed by Maddy Makes Games and released in 2018, this indie gem offers players an emotional journey through the mind and mountains of its protagonist, Madeline.


Celeste offers a classic platforming experience enriched with a unique twist. Players control Madeline, a young woman determined to climb the eponymous Celeste Mountain. The gameplay is characterized by several key elements:

  1. Running and Jumping: Madeline's primary abilities include running and jumping. Precise jumping and mastering momentum are essential to navigate the challenging landscapes of the mountain.

  2. Climbing: Madeline has the ability to cling to and climb certain surfaces for a limited time, adding an extra layer of depth to the platforming experience.

  3. Dashing: One of the game's defining mechanics is the ability to perform a dash in any direction. Dashes can be used for mid-air maneuvers, reaching otherwise inaccessible areas, and even in combat against environmental obstacles.

  4. Collectibles: Throughout the game, players can collect strawberries, which serve as optional challenges. These collectibles test players' platforming skills and offer a sense of accomplishment when gathered.

  5. Variety of Hazards: The mountain is fraught with environmental hazards, including spikes, moving platforms, and wind currents. Players must adapt and develop their platforming skills to overcome these challenges.

Narrative and Emotional Depth

While Celeste's gameplay is engaging and challenging, its true beauty lies in its storytelling. The game weaves a poignant narrative that explores Madeline's struggles with anxiety and self-doubt. As she ascends the mountain, Madeline is accompanied by a mysterious doppelgänger, known as Badeline. This duality serves as a metaphor for her internal struggle, and the game's emotional depth resonates with players on a personal level.

Celeste does not shy away from addressing mental health issues, and this sincerity has earned it praise for its representation and empathy. The game's narrative is a testament to how video games can tackle complex, real-world issues while providing an enjoyable and thought-provoking experience.

Impact and Legacy

Celeste has left an indelible mark on the gaming community and the industry as a whole. It has received numerous awards and accolades for its gameplay, art, and emotional storytelling. Additionally, it has sparked discussions about mental health awareness in the gaming world, encouraging a more open dialogue on the topic.

The game's challenging levels have also inspired speedrunners to attempt incredible feats, further extending its lifespan and appeal.


Celeste is more than just a two-dimensional platform game; it is a work of art that marries engaging gameplay with a profound narrative about overcoming personal struggles. It demonstrates that video games have the power to tackle complex themes, such as mental health, and encourage players to reflect on their own experiences. Whether you're a fan of challenging platformers or a narrative-driven gaming experience, Celeste offers a mountain of emotions and a journey that's well worth the climb.

How to play Celeste

Using Mouse and Keyboard

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