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One of the most well-known online multiplayer games, Big provides hours of entertainment with its leaderboards and action-packed gameplay. Enter a world filled with luminous balls, worms, and ravenous hunger. This is a game where only the most cautious players can survive because of relentless competition. Everyone will try to devour you, therefore you can never trust anyone! If other players are using their devious plot against you, stay away from them and attempt to gather as many luminous balls as you can! The controls of this game are rather simple in comparison to the challenging gameplay.

Try to defeat opponents to do tasks, improve abilities, and eliminate other players. Increase growth, skills, and abilities by consuming nectar and energy left over by adversaries. Become Big and move up the food chain.

Every day, compete with other players to grow to be the largest snake in the nest. Enemies can be killed by probing about them and forcing them to collide with your body. After waking up, consume the wonderful nectar that was left over and gather keys, artifacts, and other treasures to reveal levels, tasks, and teammates.

Welcome to the snake's nest, Big, a fantastic in-app purchase (IO) game focused on snakes.

How to play Big

To navigate the map, all you need to do is use your mouse or, if it's a touch screen, your finger. Acceleration is turned on by clicking the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON. Before you begin the game, give your character a name. Additionally, you have the option to alter and personalize your worm's appearance. There are a lot of vibrant options available. You will begin the game as a little worm, but as you absorb the luminous balls, you will swiftly grow. Watch out for other players! Touching them will change your worm into several bright particles, which will put a stop to your game and turn you into a delectable meal for the other players.

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