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About Zik Zak

  Zik Zak is a game that tests the dexterity of your hands. A ball rolling on the zik zak must not fall out, which is even harder than it actually is. How long can you wriggle on this difficult road? Lifetime is measured in short seconds, use your skillful hands to change that. This simple but extremely addictive operation will give players a new driving force and excitement.

  A small round ball must roll on a flat track with a narrow width and bends. Your task is to make the ball roll on it as much as possible. The smooth surface and round ball make the movement extremely responsive, so just one click deflects the ball to fall out instantly. Try to focus and combine with hand gestures to get the longest time to set a new record. Challenge your friends to find out who has the best controllability and create interesting experiences. This game will be a great choice for players who want to practice dexterity and high concentration to get precise and perfect manipulations. Share your admirable score! Maybe you yourself will be surprised by the record you have created!

How to play Zik Zak

Click or tap to play.

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