The fast-paced online multiplayer game was created by game developer Mad Buffer. In the game, users command a spaceship that can fire lasers and engage in free-for-all combat with other players to see who survives.

The gameplay of is straightforward but compelling. Gamers maneuver their spacecraft about the playing area using the arrow keys, and they fire their laser weapon with the space bar. To live as long as you can while obliterating as many other players as you can is the aim of the game.

Players can gain advantages over rivals as they go through the game by gathering power-ups and upgrades that can boost their ship's speed and weaponry. In order to increase the level of competitiveness, the game also includes a leaderboard that displays the best players.'s retro-inspired visuals and sound effects, which give the game a vintage arcade vibe, are one of its distinctive characteristics. The game also features several distinct maps, each with its own layout and difficulties.

For gamers who like fast-paced, action-packed gameplay, is a fun and addicting multiplayer game. It's simple to pick up and play because of the intuitive gameplay and simple controls, and gamers will keep playing it since it's so competitive. In conclusion, is a fantastic option for anyone searching for an entertaining and difficult online multiplayer game.

How to play

Using Mouse

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